Business Units

Administrative Center


A modern administrative center, located in Pouso Alegre, gives support to all operations of the group.



Good service is part of the Group's work philosophy. For this, we have 8 stores strategically located in Pouso Alegre, Maria da Fé, Bom Repouso, Ipuiúna, Ouro Fino, Poços de Caldas, Alfenas and Andradas. Besides the stores, we have an external service team with more than 40 agronomists and technicians.

Fertilizer Industry


The Adubos Real has its own fertilizer blender unit, located in Pouso Alegre.

Raw materials are carefully selected and state-of-the-art technology is used to ensure quality in all production processes.

We produce traditional NPK fertilizers with granulated and powder nutrients, as well as differentiated products with innovative technologies that increase efficiency in the field.

Wholesale Units


Diamig and Diban are the companies of the group focused on distributing the products to the wholesale market.

They operate in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo with a philosophy of partnership and commitment to sustainable customer growth.

Grain Storage and Commercialization Units

Grain Storage and Commercialization

Two grain reception units located in Pouso Alegre and Alfenas are intended to improve the flow of the farmer's harvest.

The equipment is modern and checked regularly to ensure safety and credibility in grain moviment processes.

In addition to the storage, the team also sells the grains in order to provide greater convenience and practicality to farmers.