About Us

Created to operate in the agribusiness sector, Adubos Real’s Group has been working for more than 37 years offering solutions and new technologies to the market. Currently it is composed of several companies operating in the segments of distribution of agricultural inputs in retail and wholesale, fertilizers industrialization, logistics, storage and grain trade.

The commitment of the group is to add value to Brazilian agriculture.

By offering efficient and differentiated products and services, we believe that we can contribute to the growth and sustainability of the farmers.

Always seeking to meet the needs of different types of customers, investments are made in skilled labor, betting on new talents and encouraging professional growth. A high performance team, united and dedicated is always valued.

Corporate Responsibility

Right Handling Of Inputs

Right Handling
Of Inputs

Phytosanitary products, sometimes labeled as the villains of the field, nowadays assume a new posture and more than ever they are considered great allies of the rural producer.

With the correct application of the registered inputs, the farmers obtain a high productivity and saves resources without harming the environment in which he lives.

Do not be fooled by Agrochemicals and related products without registration, illegal, without invoices, false or counter-banned. Report: 0800 940 7030

Recycling of Agrochemical Packaging

Recycling of Agrochemical

The irresponsible disposal of the packaging of pesticides can cause serious damage to the environment and to the people, since its decomposition is slow and the active principles of its contents can present risk to the health and the nature if manipulated incorrectly.

The farmer who uses agricultural pesticides has a legal obligation to return the empty containers and carry out the triple washing.

Utilization of Equipment’s for Individual Safety for Application of Agricultural Inputs

Utilization of Equipment’s for Individual Safety for Application
of Agricultural Inputs

PPE's are work equipment that protects the health of rural workers, reducing the risk of intoxication as a result of exposure to pesticides. These intoxications are considered work-related accidents and failure to use PPE, as provided for in labor legislation, can lead farmers actions of civil and criminal liability, as well as fines.



Care with the development of the surrounding community is taken into consideration. The group supports initiatives that promote cultural and educational development and social inclusion of people.